Provider Advantages 

Get Noticed 

   All you have to do is update your profile and perform well. PACIFYR will help you in marketing, SEO, and client matching along with your efforts. You will gain visibility based on your specialty and availability. 

Minimize Costs

   All the scheduling and financials are done on PACIFYR's platform. They eliminate your overhead costs so you can work from anywhere as long as you have access to the Internet. 

Be Part of Something BIG

   PACIFYR provides a mobile Telehealth platform to LPCANC members to grow their business and offer Telehalth services to their clients effectively and with easy access. 

   The PACIFYR-LPCANC partnership can help you in growing your business without the constraint of your location; you can get clients from other parts of the state. LCMHCs are free to choose the days and times best for them and connect with the clients in real-time.