DHHS Updates: September & October 2021


On September 2, your LPCANC Advocacy Committee attended a “Joint DMH/DHB Monthly Provider Call” during which Policy Updates were introduced and questions entertained for Division of Mental Health and Division of Health Benefits, basically Medicaid. 

As you all know, Medicaid transitioned to “Managed Care” effective July 1, 2021. The call on September 2  was a tutorial on the DHHS, Medicaid website with “Provider Resources” listed for questions regarding any and all issues related to Managed Care, including how to get paid within the system. 

Go to NCDHHS, access “Division” and click on “Health Benefits, Medicaid” and you will be on the Medicaid Managed Care site. Take a look at “NC Medicaid Managed Care Fact Sheets and Quick Reference Guides” and you can access provider information and you may be able to get questions answered. If you are unsuccessful and have unanswered questions, check out:

NC Medicaid Enrollment Broker website at ncmedicaidplans.gov, 833.870.5500

NC Medicaid Ombudsman website at
 https://ncmedicaidombudsman.org/, 877.201.3750

NC Medicaid Help Center, Medicaid.ncdhhs.gov/helpcenter

There’s also a link to “Practice Support,” ncahec.net/Medicaid-managed –care, which is a Area Health Education Center site sponsoring a “Back Porch Chat Webinar Series” that occurs the 3rd Thursday of each month.

There is another “Monthly Provider Call” occurring on October 7. If you have problems with the website(s) or unresolved questions, contact Sabina at LPCANC with your question and we will attempt to get an answer in early October. 


Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS), Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, & Substance Abuse Services (MHDDSAS) held its monthly update today sharing information regarding the NC Innovations Waiver transition to managed Medicaid.  

The objective of Medicaid transition is to become more “tailored” to specific client needs. Prior “waiver” participant numbers were “capped” and it is suggested that the transition process will eliminate the “cap” on participants and make services available to all eligible applicants in North Carolina with no maximum enrollment number. 

Services will continue to include an employment option for those interested and support for transitioning away from group homes and become community-based. Services will be available to those diagnosed with Intellectual Development Disability (IDD) as well as those diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). The Medicaid Innovations Waiver supports Individuals with I/DD “to live the life they choose.”

Target date to complete the transition is January 1, 2022 but it is felt that it may be July 1, 2022 before complete implementation. Questions about Medicaid transition can be e-mailed to
 BHIDD.HelpCenter@dhhs.nc.govMore general information is available on the DHHS website at “NC Innovations Waiver.”